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the modern man.

put your skincare regimen on autopilot.

what is

Disco is a clean skincare brand for men. We provide everything a guy needs for his skin in one place. Our products are clean, our packaging is recyclable, and our membership program takes out the guessing work in the replenishment process.

our mission

Every man has a face and a body and taking care of them is critical to becoming the best version of yourself.

why disco?

Disco is the one-stop shop for all your skincare needs.


Vegan, cruelty-free, gluten free, aluminum free, organic ingredients.


Sustainably focused, because taking care of our planet is important as well.


Get your disco goods replenished in a timely fashion: 6, 8, 10, and 12 week increments so you can set it and forget it.


Feel your best. Look your best.

A face collection created by dermatologist and cosmetic chemists with ingredients that work (and none of the gimmicks that don’t). Starting at $14.


Smell your best. Feel your best.

A body collection created by dermatologist and cosmetic chemists formulated with minimal ingredients, that actually do their job. (No aluminum!). Starting at $14.

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